Who We Are

Dale Rankin and Ulises Silva Dale Rankin (left) and Ulises Silva (right) at the APLA convention in Mexico City

Cowboy Chemical, Inc (CCI) is a U.S. based chemical and raw material distribution company with headquarters in Tuscola, Texas and offices in Mexico and Central America. The company was founded in 1996 by Dale Rankin of Texas and Ulises Silva of Mexico, bringing years of chemical distribution and trading experience to the partnership. Dale is based at the U.S. office in Tuscola, Texas while Ulises manages operations from the Mexico City office. We are active in the trading and distribution of chemicals and raw materials worldwide.  Our chemical sales are primarily in the Americas, with an emphasis on Mexico and Central America. Our philosophy is to provide a valuable service to the manufacturing market, drawing on our strong sourcing capabilities and our expertise in logistics. We are a versatile company with international bases that allows for close communication with major industrial areas and the ability to respond promptly to changing markets. We consider our suppliers and customers to be our partners, and are committed to providing them the best information and service to aid them in reaching their business goals.

Why the name Cowboy Chemical, Inc.? Well, that started out as sort of a joke. Since one of the founders, Dale Rankin wears a hat and is called “Cowboy” by his colleagues, he figured that would be a good name for the company. The name stuck, so our customers and suppliers have learned to say “Cowboy” in many languages.